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    Unlike other Mobile cloud storage services here at BackupMobile we don't limit the amount of Contacts and other data you can store.

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The team at BackupMobile.com places great importance on data security, discretion and confidentiality. Your personal will not be shared with anyone.

All your data is securely stored and protected. We adhere to the highest industry standards and guarantee that your data cannot be accessed by anyone without your express consent.



We adhere to some very important principles to protect your privacy: You are always deciding when and what to share with other users - the system does not perform any sharing without your express consent

You can always delete your personal account and all data will be deleted from our system


Contacts Stored On BackupM.Com

  • Philip

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  • Al imran 196

  • beaker

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  • 984146_585894744863255_9176025622721105305_n

  • cat_like_cotton

  • Heroes3

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  • DSC_0127_2juytp4p